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UTC/GMT as tooltip?

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I love Shades and MagiCal.

I sometimes need to work in different times (UTC, GPS, TCG, Sidereal, Julian,etc.) and I'd love to have these in my menu bar. Would it be possible to set up MagiCal to use a different timeserver than Apple's? A tooltip displaying time from a user selectable timeserver would be nice. Multiple timezone support in MagiCal would be difficult due to different Daylight Savings Times, but synchronizing with a SNTP timeserver might be a solution.

A feature to convert between my local time and these times would be great, but not really in the spirit of MagiCal. Been meaning to write my own,but will probably not get around to it.

Uber-geek feature: display UNIX time in binary or hex.

Submitted by James W at 4:08pm on 28 Feb 2010


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