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Clicking on the menu makes the menu jump when using application menu

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I'm using a program called X-Assist that brings back the old application menu from Classic Mac OS. Thus, the application name appears in the menubar to the right of MagiCal.

When I click on MagiCal, X-Assist considers it the active application, so it changes the name in the menubar and the whole menubar shifts, shifting MagiCal with it.

I'm not exactly sure why X-Assist thinks it is an application since it doesn't show up in the list of applications and I'm not sure if it is easy to fix. Magical seems to be some sort of pseudo-application and you'd would have to find some way to trick the system into thinking it isn't an application of any kind. I believe other items in the menubar are "menu extras" and that's why they don't confuse X-Assist when they are clicked on.

Submitted by Maurice Volaski at 6:14pm on 19 Jun 2007


MagiCal, despite appearances is an ordinary application. The reason it doesn't appear in the Dock is because the "LSUIElement" option is set in it's plist - if you change this setting on any other application it too will run without a Dock icon.

The best solution as far as I can see would be if X-Assist had an option to ignore applications which have this property set, or even to let you specify a lack/whitelist for applications that it should ignore, so I suggest that you send them a feature request to that effect.

However, I believe the problem could also be solved if MagiCal did not bring itself to the foreground when clicked. This is something I have been planning to implement but for various technical reasons it has proved difficult, so it may not happen for a while yet.

Posted by Nick at 6:34pm on 19 Jun 2007


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