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Multiple display controls

  • Status: Implemented in version 1.2b1


Would it be possible to have seperate controls for each screen in a dual monitor environment?

I have a MacBook Pro attached to a Dell 20" (via DVI) as my main screen but it is too bright. I would like to control just the Dell's brightness but leave the MacBook's brightness untouched.

I'm thinking either an option to pick which screen to control in the prefs or dual sliders under the single menu bar icon?


Submitted by Varelse at 07:07am on 18 Apr 2007


I think there are a lot of people in this same situation. I need the same option. My secondary monitor is way too bright, and we all know how weak laptop monitors are...

Posted by Chris at 02:13am on 29 May 2007

I'd really like to see this, too - my iMac os too bright, but the external Dell LCD I have attached to it is just fine, so being able to just affect one of the screens would be really nice.

Posted by Neil at 05:19am on 15 Aug 2007

I agree -- my iMac display needs toning down, but my cinema display is fine.

Posted by Michael at 06:25am on 30 Aug 2007

Shades is a great app -- I would also like to see support for dimming displays independently. I have a 24" iMac that is connected to a projector, and it would be great to be able to dim the built-in display when playing DVDs through the secondary display (projector)...a dark room makes viewing much more enjoyable!

Posted by Eugene at 04:47am on 31 Aug 2007

This is a popular feature request, and it is my intention to add this functionality in a future release.

Posted by Nick at 09:35am on 31 Aug 2007

Another vote for display-independent dimming control. I often use my second display to play movies at night while working on my primary display. It would be nice to dim the "work' screen while leaving the "movie" screen at normal/full intensity.

Posted by darien at 05:54am on 07 Oct 2007

I also add my vote, same motivation as Eugene above.

Posted by Luciano at 5:31pm on 07 Nov 2007

I see multiple screen support works great in version 1.2b2.

Well..., except when you turn on mirroring (showing the same image on all screens). In that case I can only use shades to control my LED Cinema Display brightness and not my Macbook brightness.

Can this be implemented too?

Posted by Freek at 12:17pm on 23 Aug 2009

Cool idea, but to have still the option of one general slider for controlling multiple monitors at once will come handy for people like me. I tested version 1.2b3 and I couldn't find such a feature.

Posted at 02:03am on 28 Sep 2009

Hey this is great, a little suggestion for the controls. Its not easy to tell which monitor the menu bar control is for, a little label would be nice similar to the preference pane

Posted by Rob at 5:03pm on 03 Dec 2009

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