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Time synch

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It would be nice if MagiCal was able to synch to one of the various time servers. I used Atom Time Pro on my windoze machine and it had the option of synching with a number of different time servers.

Thanx for the consideration!

Great piece of software!

Submitted at 03:28am on 16 Jul 2007


MagiCal uses the system clock for all timing, rather than having its own built-in timer.

The Mac OS X system clock has an option to sync to a variety of time servers, if you check the options in Date and Time in the system preferences. Is that sufficient, or is the time server you want not listed there?

Posted by Nick at 3:08pm on 16 Jul 2007

Yes, I found that option. My question is if you turn off the Mac time display so that you only have one clock in the bar, will the Mac still update the system time?

Posted by MacNut at 4:27pm on 17 Jul 2007


Posted by Nick at 6:29pm on 17 Jul 2007

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