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Show all months in dropdown menu

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Hi. MagiCal is really nice. What would be nice to see is when the calendar is open, to be able to get a dropdown menu to click the month and year you want to look at.


Submitted by Ken Weingold at 05:29am on 31 Aug 2007


If you click the month and year within the calendar, a window pops up allowing you to select a particular date. This replaced the drop-downs, as selecting the year from the drop-down was a bit unwieldy.

Is this functionality sufficient, or would you like the drop-down method be restored as an alternative?

Posted by Nick at 09:30am on 31 Aug 2007

Actually, if it could be left in as an option and wouldn't be too much trouble, that would be fantastic. Thanks!

Posted by Ken Weingold at 12:53pm on 31 Aug 2007


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