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calendar "stays" open

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When I switched to Leopard a few weeks back, I really missed my "old" calendar prorgram; I believe it was called MCal...(or maybe not).

Yours is better--I really like the various options. One feature that I'm missing, though, is the ability for the small monthly calendar to "stay" open on the desktop, even when I move to another program.

For example, if I'm writing an e-mail and want to refer to a future date on the calendar I open it and check the date but when I click back on Mail, the calendar disappears. I still want to look at it, though, but it's not there.

Perhaps this feature is there, but I haven't found it?

Submitted by Tonya at 6:13pm on 27 Jun 2008


you can click on the calendar and drag it anywhere you want, and it becomes its own box with a close and minimize botton

Posted by Tyler at 2:59pm on 01 Jun 2011


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