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Won't launch on startup / login

  • Type: Incorrect Functionality
  • Version Tested: 1.0 (PPC)
  • OS Version Affected: Mac OS X 10.4 PPC
  • Status: Verified in version 1.1a11


I tried to install MagiCal and had the following problem:

When I double clicked to install, it works fine. But as soon as I restart my computer it does not show up in the menu bar. I have to double click again to install. I have to do this after each restart.
I have plenty of room in the meubar and i have repaired the permissions.
I am running a G4 with OS 10.4.8

Any help would be appreciated.

Submitted by Steve at 8:42pm on 06 Jan 2007


It is best to copy MagiCal to its final destination (typically in your Applications folder) before running it and selecting the "Launch at login" option in the preferences. If you move MagiCal after checking this option, the version the system tries to launch may no longer exist.

If this happens, or if MagiCal fails to launch at login for some other reason, go into System Preferences/Accounts/Login Items and if MagiCal is listed there then remove it using the "-" button. Now add the correct version of MagiCal to the list (use the "+" button and locate MagiCal in your Applications directory).


This is expected. MagiCal is not an installer but an application and must be re-launched when you restart.

Copy the MagiCal application into you Applications folder, then if you go to the System Preferences and look in
Accounts/Login Items then you can add shades to the list and it will be automatically launched at startup.

Hope that helps.

Posted by Nick at 8:54pm on 06 Jan 2007

As of version 1.0.8 this is no longer necessary. MagiCal now features an option to add or remove it from the user startup items without going into System Preferences.

Posted by Nick at 02:10am on 25 Mar 2007

An on/off feature that opens the program automatically when starting the computer.

Posted at 10:01pm on 01 Apr 2007

This is already available... in the preferences, go to the "Misc" tab and check "Launch MagiCal Automatically and Login."

Posted by augmented4th at 10:13pm on 01 Apr 2007

As augmented4th was kind enough to point out, this is already implemented.

(The preferences are accessed by clicking the (i) icon that appears in the bottom right-hand corner of the calendar window, in case that wasn't clear).

Posted by Nick at 07:52am on 02 Apr 2007

The feature exists, but does not work for me (v1.0.9r2): when I open preferences, the "Launch MagiCal automatically at login" box is unchecked. I check it, but when I come back to preferences it is not checked!

Posted by Michel at 3:04pm on 02 Apr 2007

Hi Michel. Is MagiCal located in your Applications folder, or somewhere else? Also can you tell me what OS version you are running?

Posted by Nick at 3:17pm on 02 Apr 2007

Yes, Magical is in my applications folder. I'm running up to date 10.4.9 Mac OS. I don't know if this is useful, but my system is configured in French. I also looked in the com.charcoaldesign.magical.plist file and could not find any key related to startup...
I manually added MagiCal to my login items in my system accounts preferences, and that worked.
But the option box remains unchecked in MagiCal preferences.

Posted by Michel at 3:40pm on 02 Apr 2007

Can you try upgrading to version 1.0.9r3?

It included some fixes for non-ascii characters in the date formats which might also have affected MagiCal's ability to handle login items if the file path had any characters with accents in them (which on a French system is quite possible).

If it works then the checkbox will appear checked in the preferences automatically - you won't need to add MagiCal to the login items again. If that doesn't happen, let me know.

Posted by Nick at 6:53pm on 02 Apr 2007

Erm... let me know if it *does* work too, so I can close the report ;-)

Posted by Nick at 12:53pm on 03 Apr 2007

Same issue for a MACBOOK. Must be restarted after computer opns up. i did go to ACCOUNTS and it says, though it shows the Magiccal option, that its KIND is UNKNOWN, rather than eerything else there which shows other rograms as APPLICATION

otherwise, love this program. thanks!

Posted at 10:28pm on 12 May 2007

I'll need some more information in order to diagnose this problem. If you could contact me via the contact form below, I will try to find out why this is happening.

Posted by Nick at 10:28pm on 12 May 2007


on 1.8 G5

Does not remember to start up when I login. Pity.

Posted at 07:30am on 13 May 2007

That's not really the information I need.

Ideally I would like to see your loginwindow.plist file (which is located in user/library/preferences). Unfortunately this is not a text file, so there's no way to post it here at present. I'll investigate the possibility of adding an upload form to the bug reporting system.

I'd also like to know where on your computer you keep MagiCal installed - is it in your applications directory?

Posted by Nick at 07:57am on 13 May 2007

will not launch on startup/restart. It is set properly on your preferences and it does sow up on the OSX 4.9 startup preferences but states that the it is an unknown \"application\" and the icon is blank/white

Posted at 2:35pm on 10 Jun 2007

Hi Sam, could you send me your loginwindow.plist file, mentioned above? If you email it as a reply to the notification email you will have received, I'll see if I can figure out what's going wrong.

Posted by Nick at 5:53pm on 10 Jun 2007

I've identified and fixed at least one issue relating to this in 1.1a11. Id' be interested to hear from anyone for whom this fix has worked (or not).

Posted by Nick at 09:50am on 01 Jul 2007

Start on log in does not work.

I have checked the box for this in the preferences, but the program is not launch on start-up or log in.

I have to start the program manually each time.

I am running a Mac Pro 8 Core. OS 10.4.10.


Posted at 05:56am on 10 Jul 2007

I have clicked in the preferences to open at login; however, it does not. I have to manually restart the program.

Posted at 2:16pm on 05 Aug 2007

I'm running version 1.1r4 on a Mac running 10.10.3.

I have the "Launch MagiCal at login" is checked, but it doesn't auto-launch when I login.

I even added it to my login items, but it still doesn't autolaunch. And when I manually launch it, it tries to load a url at, which isn't even the right domain name!

Posted by Steven J Klein at 12:25pm on 20 Apr 2015


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