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US holidays

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Would like to have US holidays .

Thanks for a fine product.

Submitted by Barry at 11:23pm on 15 Mar 2007


European Holidays - In Europe - esp. Germany we have a lot holidays, also local and regional. It ist very important for planing to show in a special colour holidays.
It would be fine to let add this holidays by the user.

Posted by Roland Keller at 08:49am on 12 Apr 2007

It looks like the best way to do this would be to sync with the public iCalendars on the Apple site. I'll look into doing this at some point.

Posted by Nick at 4:24pm on 12 Apr 2007

As Roland Keller posted we have local and regional holidays in Germany. It though would make sense to have a choice between automatic and manual marking of holidays. Btw I'd like to have the Sundays beeing colored in dark red and the Saturdays in light red. This is usual in German calendars. The same happens to holiday markings over here: nationwide holidays are dark red an local/regional ones are light red.

Posted by Juergen Woida at 1:13pm on 28 Apr 2007


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