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Flashing when only one copy of shades is running

  • Type: Incorrect Functionality
  • Version Tested: 1.2b3 (Intel)
  • OS Version Affected: Mac OS X 10.6
  • Status: Open


I have a problem similar to the known bug that happens when there are 2 copies of Shades running causing the screen to flash. But my screen will flash when, as far as I can tell, I only have one copy of Shades 1.2b3 running.

- it affects both the built-in LCD (Macbook Pro) and my external monitor
- it will happen on a fresh boot when Shades starts up, or after Shades has been shutdown and restarted
- I'm the only user who logs in normally on this machine
- I searched all the processes (not just mine) in Activity Monitor for a second copy running, but there doesn't seem to be one
- shutting down Shades from the prefpane will usually stop it, but if I try restarting Shades it will happen again
- sometimes when this is happening, the prefpane doesn't think Shades is running

Submitted by Bronwyn at 05:23am on 04 Feb 2011


The only thing I can think of is that your Shades preferences may be corrupt. Try the following:

1) Quit the Shades daemon using Activity Monitor
2) Go to user/Library/Preferences and delete the com.charcoaldesign.shades.plist file
3) Relaunch Shades from the System Preferences panel

Posted by Nick at 09:31am on 05 Feb 2011

Thank you -- I have just tried that. I will keep an eye on it to see what happens. The flashing has been intermittent so it will take some use to be sure it's gone.

Posted by Bronwyn at 12:57am on 07 Feb 2011

So far after deleting the preferences, no flashing -- not even when plugging the external monitor, which often caused it to happen.

Posted by Bronwyn at 7:21pm on 11 Feb 2011

Sorry, I seem to have been wrong. It's still flashing unpredictably -- in this case after a reboot.

I also have f.lux ( installed -- could there be a conflict? But if so, why does it only happen sometimes?

Posted by Bronwyn at 10:02pm on 11 Feb 2011

Looks like f.lux is indeed causing a conflict, at least some of the time. What's weird about this is that f.lux starts automatically, but I don't always have this flashing problem while Shades is running.

Posted by Bronwyn at 02:22am on 12 Feb 2011


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