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MagiCal's use of curl

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When MagiCal is launched, a curl process is started. Is this part of MagiCal? If so, what is it doing exactly?


Submitted by David at 1:35pm on 19 Sep 2007


Hi David, this is explained on the FAQ page:

Nothing sinister, just a version check ;-) You can disable it in the preferences.

Posted by Nick at 6:42pm on 19 Sep 2007

In an earlier version of MagiCal, did MagiCal's curl process happen to reach out to

Posted at 10:26pm on 29 Sep 2007

MagiCal didn't use curl in previous versions, but it did have a version check, and is the nameserver for Charcoal Design, so it is quite likely that it would have showed up in your logs.

Posted by Nick at 10:55pm on 29 Sep 2007

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