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contrast setting for imac 20 inch aluminum computer

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Shades has helped me immensely with calibrating my monitor. I feel Apple has somewhat ripped me off with this machine. Your software has given my some of the control you would expect form a computer of this price range. If you could somehow incorporate a contrast control for shades you would make allot of people happy. Sincerely yours Michael Micallef.

Submitted by Michael Micallef at 06:43am on 08 Apr 2008


Thanks for the great app! I totally agree with the idea to add the possibility to change the contrast. I like to use shades with my external monitor to not manually change the brightness in the monitor menu (takes time). When I use full brightness (at day) and "shade down" the system for the use at night, the contrast is much to low and e.g. shadows of the system become too big.

Posted by Thomas at 12:28am on 15 Sep 2008

I experimented with the contrast, it seems not to be the problem. If I dim the monitor, the picture looks more colorful / natural. If I use Shades, it becomes more grey. Is there a way to get a darker but as colorful image? Thanks for the app anyway! :)

Posted by Thomas at 01:09am on 15 Sep 2008

yes , a way to make typeface blacker. Seems iPhone has changed the contrast of big machines. Apple iMac ,3 year old one's calibration is horrendous. Must blowup the page a lot to see stuff. True I have psudo-exfoliation glaucoma but a good contrast adjuster could help.

Posted by William P Marseglia at 9:36pm on 02 Nov 2014


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