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apr, but ical says mar...

  • Type: Incorrect Functionality
  • Version Tested: 1.0.9r2 (PPC)
  • OS Version Affected: Mac OS X 10.4 PPC
  • Status: Fixed in version 1.0.9r3


my format is:

DDmon, showing as 01mar.
calendar shows 01 (correct), but showing march (it's april!)

i tried other formats, still same.
ical shows apr 1.

an april fool's day thing? (i doubt it...)

Submitted at 04:32am on 01 Apr 2007


btw, drop-down calendar IS showing april 1...

Posted at 04:35am on 01 Apr 2007

I have the same bug.
In some settings it's April, but mostly March.

Posted by Ralf Schniebs at 04:41am on 01 Apr 2007

Sorry about that. It was hard-coded to display March for certain formats (probably left over debugging code that never got stripped out).

This is now fixed in version 1.0.9r3. Apologies also to anyone who tried to report this earlier and found that the bug tracker was down. I'm investigating how that happened.

Get the new release here:

Posted by Nick at 11:23am on 01 Apr 2007

Thank you! Bug fixed!
You really are fast!
And I thouht it was an april fools joke...

Posted by Ralf Schniebs at 11:42am on 01 Apr 2007

Heh... would have been faster but I was asleep :-)

Posted by Nick at 11:45am on 01 Apr 2007

asleep? that's pretty selfish... ;-)

thanks for this, impressive to see a developer so on-top of things..!

Posted at 2:08pm on 01 Apr 2007

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