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Multiple monitors

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It would be cool to have the ability to control the brightness across multiple monitors. I use two screens and have to toggle two sliders to obtain the same shade on both of them.

Submitted by Jaysin at 6:19pm on 04 Apr 2016


Indeed, this app was recommended by different site cause it is able to control the brightness of a second screen using target display mode. However on OSX 10.11.5 i do see a icon from the second screen and it works. But i cant use the slider in the top menu which controls the second screen. SO i need to go to the pref pane each time

Posted by rombout versluijs at 07:15am on 06 Jul 2016

Hi guys,

Very nice app, i like the feature that we can control each screen on its own.

But on the other hand: I have two screens linked on a Mac (capsule), but the position of the icons are switched (the left icon control the right screen vice versa), is there a fix to that?

All the best,


Posted by Joe at 08:24am on 12 Jan 2017

Yes, icons are switched L/R from monitor outputs...

And would also love 1 slider to control 2 external monitors.

Posted by Joel at 09:53am on 03 Apr 2017

every time i disconnect my multiples monitors, trough thunderbolt and hdmi port shades quits.

Posted by diego heredia at 10:20pm on 14 Jun 2017


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