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Shades 1.2 won't start

  • Type: Other
  • Version Tested: 1.2 (Intel)
  • OS Version Affected: Mac OS X 10.5 Intel
  • Status: Closed


Shades v1.2 of 12/6/2013 won't Start from prefPane. "Please check that the Shades application is installed on your system." But v1.2b3 of 9/26/2009 works fine.
"System Requirements: Shades requires a Macintosh computer running Mac OS X 10.5 or later."

Submitted by George Machen at 4:11pm on 07 Dec 2013


Sorry about that. The latest Shades (1.2) does not support 10.6.8 and earlier. You will need to revert to the earlier 1.2b3 version, which is available here:


Downloaded new 1.2 of Shades, replaced old version. Now new version will not open on my Mac. Thanks.

Posted at 4:48pm on 07 Dec 2013

shades doesn't open

Posted at 7:51pm on 07 Dec 2013

Why Shades no longer works on my iMac 10.5?

Posted by Kate at 7:58pm on 07 Dec 2013

Please reconsider 10.5 support. Each newer version of OS X has increasingly gotten worse ever since, and there are still a lot of us out there.

Posted at 9:25pm on 07 Dec 2013

There are no new features in Shades 1.2 other than that it doesn't crash on OS X 10.9, so you are not missing out on anything by using the older version.

The latest version of the tools that I used to create Shades no longer support versions of OS X prior to 10.7, and I'm no longer able to test for older OSes because I don't own any hardware that can run 10.5, so supporting 10.5 is impossible at this point.

Posted by Nick at 9:26pm on 07 Dec 2013

I got OSx 10.9. Shades worked in old version but not working in new version.

Posted at 01:05am on 08 Dec 2013

Same issue here Shade 1.2 OS 10.9 won't start...

Posted at 08:57am on 08 Dec 2013

I received the error message, "Shades preferences-2. prefPane" can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer. When I attempted to install the update 1.2

Posted at 09:22am on 08 Dec 2013

To open Shades on 10.9 you'll need to right-click (or ctrl-click if you have a one-button mouse) on the prefpane and select Open.

Posted by Nick Lockwood at 2:20pm on 08 Dec 2013

It does not work the link to download the previous version...

Posted at 2:37pm on 08 Dec 2013

Thanks, good to know that there are no substantive new features or bug fixes from v1.2b3, so Leopard users are still good. (But for the record, Leopard will run on otherwise incompatible newer hardware under VirtualBox, Parallels or VMware Fusion, for future development.)

Posted at 3:29pm on 08 Dec 2013

Link to older version doesn't work. Thanks.

Posted at 7:19pm on 08 Dec 2013

Sorry about the link not working - now fixed.

Posted by Nick at 8:33pm on 08 Dec 2013

When launching Shades on 10.9, I get a message that says 'Connecting to Shades...' and the process hangs (I can see it not responding in Activity Monitor). The screen dims but I can't move the dimmer in the menu bar - cursor changes to the spinning beach ball.

Posted by Steve at 08:37am on 09 Dec 2013

I downloaded the Apple App Store version of Shades but it only worked on "1" Display (I use a MBPro + an External Display). I downloaded & tried the Pref Pane version (1.2) and when I click on "Run" it doesn't start but hangs after I get a warning " can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer." This BTW isn't true because I downloaded and installed the App Store version. Sooo, how do I get the Pref Pane version to Start so BOTH Displays can be dimmed? THANKS!!!

Posted by BB at 12:02am on 06 Feb 2015

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