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Option to Reduce Space Between Time and Date

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Could you add a preference for reducing the distance between the date and the time, so I could have "twenty-five to twelve on tue, may 15", rather than "twenty-five to twelve on tue, may 15"?

Submitted by Richard Neal at 03:35am on 16 May 2007


Unfortunately the gap between menu icons is imposed by the system - it's not something I've defined. I can make it larger by adding padding, but the minimum is eight pixels.

There may be another way round this, such as an option to merge the date and time into the same menu item. I'll think about it.

Posted by Nick at 05:58am on 16 May 2007

Is there any way for the empty space to be reduced that appears between my calendar (I have the picture with the date) and the battery icon. There seems to be a lot more space surrounding the date and the battery icon and the time spotlight magnifying glass then there are with the other icons that I have in my menubar.

Posted by Tyler at 01:52am on 18 Aug 2011


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