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Tie External Monitor's Brightness to OSX's Automatic Brightness

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I don't know if this is possible, but it would be a nice if you were able to tie the brightness of an external monitor to the automatic brightness adjustment of the built-in LCD on a MacBook Pro or similar.

That way, if the brightness levels of the two monitors were roughly matched, and light conditions changed, both would respond similarly.

Thanks for the app either way! It's handy!

Submitted by Ben at 8:46pm on 21 Jun 2014


This would be super-helpful, if it would just detect a change in brightness on the normal macbook air screen, then adjust the secondary display along with that change. Since then it would be utilizing the built in capacity of the Apple's light sensing mechanism.

Posted at 10:08pm on 27 May 2015

Should be not-too-difficult to do by using

Posted by hmijail at 4:56pm on 27 Sep 2015


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