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Calendar weeks not compliant to ISO 8601

  • Type: Incorrect Functionality
  • Version Tested: 1.0.9r2 (Intel)
  • OS Version Affected: Mac OS X 10.4 Intel
  • Status: Verified in version 1.1


I know there are countries, most notable the USA, with a custom standard in week numbering (and starting), but for many of us ISO 8601 applies. Magi Cal does not follow it (correctly): the last days of 2009 and first days of 2010 for instance are in 2009-W53, not in 2010-W01.

PS: Can I somehow alter the display of weekday headings? The German custom is to shorten them to two letters (Mo, Di, Mi, Do, Fr, Sa, So), not one (nor three).

Submitted by Crissov at 12:21am on 31 Mar 2007


I'll look into this. Unfortunately, as you point out, there seem to be several conflicting standards for how this should work, so I'll probably have to make it user-selectable.

As for the calendar headings, currently only a single letter is used simply for reasons of space. I may make this configurable in future.

Posted by Nick at 11:57am on 01 Apr 2007

It is not fixed (maybe any more) as of version 1.1a11, see the end of 2009. The rule in preferences has it correct (week with first Thursday is first week), though.

Posted by Crissov at 1:30pm on 22 Sep 2007

You're right. I'll take another look at it.

Posted by Nick at 8:04pm on 22 Sep 2007


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