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Allow user to select colour format

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Great little app!

It would be quite helpful if the colour was available as an rgb value as well as hex and I'm sure it would be fairly simple to implement, thanks anyway though.

Submitted at 10:15pm on 10 Feb 2007


I would like an option to enable rendering of the RBG values in decimal (0-255) instead of hex. I'm using an application that uses Apple's color picker which does not support hex.

Posted by Ted Bedwell at 6:46pm on 06 Jun 2007

Sorry...please close this as a duplicate...I missed that someone else had already requested this

Posted by Ted Bedwell at 6:58pm on 06 Jun 2007

Hey, I often sample colors and then paste the hex code directly into Photoshop's color picker. However, I can't paste the hex code grabbed from pippet because it contains the "#" sign in front. Would love to be able to choose whether to include this character or not from a preferences pane. I could see it being useful for specifying css. But to use it in Photoshop, I have to first paste the code in a text editor, then re-paste it without the "#" sign.


PS - Love the simplicity of the tool!

Posted at 12:48pm on 30 Aug 2007

Or to take it one step further, I like the "Colorzilla" Firefox extension functionality, which offers the ability to copy the sample color as hex (with or without pound sign), rgb(0-100%), rgb(0-255), R=XXX G=XXX.

I would love at least a preferences dialog to specify a format (for web, I would want something like #a0b1c2 (I typically write lower-case CSS) and for Photoshop something like A0B1C2 (without the # symbol).

GREAT little app, though. Thanks!

Posted by Mike at 3:18pm on 28 Sep 2007


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