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Bold Font + Hour/halfhour Chime

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Such a find after struggling with crappy, buggy iClock. Would love to have the ability to change font and make it bold plus a chime feature on the hour/half & quarter. Add those features and I'll make a donation equal to or greater than the cost of iClock. Thanks so much

Submitted by Desmond Foulger at 04:27am on 04 Apr 2007


Hi Desmond. The extra font options have already been requested in R608304 and R318521, so I suggest you vote for one or both of those report.

I'll look into adding a chime feature - but doesn't the Mac OS system clock already offer this feature? Or is it disabled if the clock isn't in the menu? (I don't have access to a Mac right now, or I'd check myself)

Posted by Nick at 07:47am on 04 Apr 2007

Just announce the time (ie it speaks - no option to chime etc) Thanks for fast response

Posted by Desmond Foulger at 07:58am on 04 Apr 2007

Ah okay. That seems like a reasonable feature - I'll add it to the list.

Posted by Nick at 08:43am on 04 Apr 2007


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