Shades Bug Report

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brief flash of normal brightness upon waking from sleep, Lion only

  • Type: Incorrect Functionality
  • Version Tested: 1.2b3 (Intel)
  • OS Version Affected: Mac OS X 10.7
  • Status: Open


iMac, Intel 2.8 dualCore , just upgraded to Lion.

This wasn't occurring in 10.6.

thanks for your consideration.


p.s. rad software

Submitted by Derek Trost at 10:09pm on 27 Sep 2011


This game has frozen so many a times 0i purchased it and thenonly way I can get it un froze is to delete it and then add it again....this past time I deleted it and can\'t reinstall it! I am not going to buy it again.

Posted at 02:40am on 16 Oct 2011

I think you meant to post this under Rainbow Blocks, not Shades, but in any case:

1) When Rainbow Blocks crashes, you can reset it by switching your iPhone or iPad off by holding the top button until the "slide to power off" message appears - you don't need to delete it and re-install.

2) When you do delete and reinstall Rainbow Blocks, Apple doesn't charge you again, so you will only have paid for it once.

Posted by Nick at 09:01am on 16 Oct 2011


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