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New Apple keyboard shortcuts

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The news Apple keyboard (ultra-thin anodized aluminum) has two shortcuts to set brightness on F1 and F2 keys but are not selectable in the Shades preferences panel.

Is it possible to implement this type of control ?

Submitted at 4:41pm on 31 Dec 2008


I take it you mean that you want those keys to control Shades?

If you look in the Keyboard & Mouse panel in the System Preferences there's a checkbox to use function keys as standard function keys instead of having a special hardware function.

If you check that box then you'll be able to use them to control Shades, although you'll lose volume control and other functions (or rather, you'll have to hold Fn and the function key to get the effect).

Alternatively if you leave the box unchecked and map Shades to F1, F2 then you'll get standard brightness control by pressing F1, F2 and Shades brightness control by pressing Fn + F1, F2.

Posted by Nick at 5:47pm on 31 Dec 2008

I knew this (about Keyboard & Mouse panel), but i didn't see that there is a fn key on this keyboard (near the arrows). Anyway, it would be cool not to have to loss hardward keys nor use the fn key.

Posted at 7:23pm on 31 Dec 2008


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