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Auto start

  • Status: Already Implemented


Upon reboot, the menu icon is not present. Shades has to be started through its preferences panel

I would like to have an autostart feature, so that it would be started whenever I reboot

Another useful option would be to restart with no shade by default, to avoid being locked out by a too dark screen without knowing the emergency restore.

Submitted by Guylhem at 1:22pm on 05 Feb 2010


If Shades is running when you shut down it will automatically be added to the startup items so that it launches after reboot.


I have had this same issue with Shades 1.2b3. Shades is listed in my login items under Accounts, but it does not automatically start up after reboot. I am using a new iMac with 10.6.4. The same behavior was exhibited using 10.6.3.

Posted by Daniel at 01:05am on 01 Jul 2010

Can we have options here, I dont want it to auto start everytime i start my computer.

Posted by K at 5:05pm on 28 Apr 2011

I have the same issue with version 1.2b3; I have to restart manually Shades after shout down.

Posted at 07:49am on 06 May 2011

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