Shades Bug Report

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conflict w/ software

  • Type: Other
  • Version Tested: 1.2b2 (Intel)
  • OS Version Affected: Mac OS X 10.5 Intel
  • Status: Open


1) when shades is activated, and this software is opened, it does not show it's graphic unless the window is moved slightly. Also, it does not remember the password.
2) when I opened shades, secondlife froze and had to be forced quit. Very embarrasing as I was dancing w/ my girl friend and disappeared from view. she thought I was angry at her. LOL. do you mind sending me a letter I can show to her that it was your fault and I wasn't playing around w/ some floozy? LOL

Submitted by Michael at 07:20am on 22 Aug 2009


Gosh, well I apologise if Shades was responsible for any problems in your relationship - I must admit that was not a risk that I had considered! Perhaps I should amend the disclaimer.

However, yes, the situation you describe in 1) does not surprise me. I have noticed with a number of OpenGL graphics or video playing apps that Shades can interfere with frame updates unless disabled. Oddly not all such applications are affected.

I've never experienced a crash in a 3rd party application as a result of running Shades - in this situation I normally just disable Shades by clicking on the Shades icon and pressing Command-Q to quit it, or pressing Stop Shades in the system preferences and the application view then updates as normal - but it is not impossible that this screen-freezing behaviour may have appeared like a crash if you weren't expecting it, or this may simply be an effect I've not encountered before.

By all means send her a link to this page as proof of your innocence, and if she has any follow-up questions I'll be happy to address them.

Posted by Nick at 10:58am on 22 Aug 2009

OK. that all seems good. I sent her a link LOL.
next. thanks for the quick way to disable shades. is there a quick way to enable it?? I have a shareware that opens apps in a single key but I need an alias. must I go through system prefs each time?

Posted by Michael at 8:30pm on 22 Aug 2009


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