MagiCal Bug Report

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Will not align according to setting in preferences

  • Type: Incorrect Functionality
  • Version Tested: 1.1a8 (Universal)
  • OS Version Affected: Mac OS X 10.4 PPC
  • Status: Fixed in version 1.1a10



Great app but the latest version will not align left by changing the preferences - it sticks stubbornly to the right.

Submitted by Dave at 08:04am on 06 May 2007


As of version 1.1a10, the align left/right option now immediately updates the icon positions.


The align option is just a default setting in version 1.1 - to move the menu, command-drag the icon to the left or right of the menu bar.

Posted by Nick at 08:08am on 06 May 2007

Fixed - thanks.

Posted by Dave at 12:43pm on 06 May 2007

The Preference for location (Left, Right) in the menu bar doesn't work. I set it for left, it displaces everything else and only shows at the right hand end of the Menu Bar

Posted by Bill Martin at 12:53am on 15 May 2007

See explanation above

Posted by Nick at 08:40am on 15 May 2007

I love your calendar, but though i have it set to remain in the left position, it stays on the right.

Posted by Mark Surloff at 07:04am on 16 May 2007

Thanks for the COMMAND-Drag, it resolved my issue!

Posted by Horst at 2:02pm on 18 May 2007

When I select left Menu alignment from the miscellaneous preferences in the alpha builds, nothing happens. In normal builds the magical menu icon moves to the left but in the alpha builds the menu stays on the right. I am not running any other menu programs apart from the system ones like volume, time and bluetooth. Again, this bug only happens with the alpha builds.

Posted by PBW at 02:15am on 23 May 2007

Many thanks, did not see this original bug report. Sorry ;)

Posted by PBW at 1:59pm on 23 May 2007

With both PPC versions 1.09r4 and 1.1a9, the menu bar position always opens at the right even though left is selected in the preferences. In the prefs, if I click right then left, MagiCal correctly moves to the left, but reopens at the right on the next bootup.

Posted by Kevin at 08:51am on 17 Jun 2007

I can move the clock Icon by command-dragging, but how do I get the time and date text to move to the left also?

Posted by Kevin at 08:12am on 19 Jun 2007

Correction - I can command-drag everything, but how do I get the text and clock icon to move to the left? It used to stick in v1.0.9r4 but now everything stubbornly stays to the right and the "left/right" in the miscellaneous preferences section does nothing.

Posted by Kevin at 08:16am on 19 Jun 2007

If you command-drag the icon to the left of all the other icons it will stick there.

Posted by Nick at 6:30pm on 19 Jun 2007

Since it was evident that the intended behaviour was unintuitive, I've modified the way that this option works, and I hope you will all now find it works in accordance with your expectations.

Posted by Nick at 5:43pm on 22 Jun 2007

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