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When in 24 hr. mode remove the AM/PM.

  • Status: Already Implemented


The AM/PM is redundant when the display is in 24 hr. mode so removing the AM/PM would save precious menu bar space on smaller displays. When in 12 hr. mode, then the AM/PM could be displayed if desired.

Submitted by V. Guess at 03:21am on 22 Apr 2007


the box where you customize how the time appears allows you to delete the am/pm classification. just make the box say "24.MM"

Posted by Andrew at 06:00am on 22 Apr 2007

None of the standard options offer 24 hour clock and am/pm at the same time. The "HH" format is 12 hour, though there was a bug in some of the recent alphas that displayed 24 hour time for some of these options. Only the "24:MM" and "2:MM" options should be using 24 hour clocks, so if you find otherwise, please let me know.

Posted by Nick at 08:13am on 29 Apr 2007

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