Shades Feature Request

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Incorporate shader to existing brightness keys

  • Status: Open


That is: after the brightness is reduced maximally by conventional means, pressing the usual brightness reduction key (F1) would use shader to reduce brightness further.

Similarly for increasing the brightness from dark: first few clicks on F2 use shader and later clicks use conventional means to increase brightness.

Same keys for everything, that would be awesome :))

Submitted at 12:13am on 12 Jan 2009


being able to use keyboard brightnes would be wonderful mel

Posted by mel at 3:04pm on 19 Jan 2009

My first thought was to use the F1 and F2 buttons. Could the slide control be used to set the lower limit once, and then use the F1 F2 buttons. Just a thought.

BTW, the tint control for the shade color is awesome.

Posted by Steve at 05:20am on 23 Oct 2011


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