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Adjusting the brightness by specific time.

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I use my iMac with sunlight during the daytime and use it with room light during the night time. What I do everyday is to adjust the level when I woke up, when the sun stars going down because my room gets darker but still does not need to turn on the room light and the night time. So I adjust the level three times a day.

I would appreciate if the software becomes able to adjust the level automatically at specific time (e.g 5:45PM), though it may be better for me if the software accepts some command line options including setting the brightness because then I can solve my problem by crontab.


Submitted by Hiro at 12:16am on 20 Oct 2007


I can see the desirability of having time-controlled brightness adjustment but I'm reluctant to clutter the preferences with it, and every user will have slightly different requirements.

I'll be adding Applescript support in the next release, which should be sufficient for most users.

Posted by Nick at 1:43pm on 24 Oct 2007

This didn't make it into 1.2b1 I'm afraid, but I still intend to include it in the next version.

Posted by Nick at 11:56pm on 21 Nov 2007

what about using a build in camera to adjust the brightness depending on the brightness of the room the mac is.

Posted at 12:04pm on 22 Nov 2007

i arrived here to looking for applescript support of shade, and yes i am looking for a way to control shade depend on specific time. looking forward for this to happen soon.

Posted by lok cheung at 3:59pm on 24 Nov 2007

I actually like the idea of using the camera! keep up the good work

Posted at 06:15am on 16 Dec 2007

could you use automator?

Posted at 6:31pm on 05 Mar 2008

Why the camera when many models have an ambient light sensor? I can see the purpose on a MacBook, I suppose. Support for both would be optimal, especially for those of us with a camera-less PowerBook.

Posted by dethbunny at 06:55am on 11 Mar 2008

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