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add week number to display options

  • Status: Implemented in version 1.0.9r4


add week number to display options

Submitted at 11:59pm on 02 Apr 2007


I take it that you are referring to the menu bar date/time display, rather than the calendar (which already features week numbers)?

Posted by Nick at 12:05pm on 03 Apr 2007

Yes, as display in the menu bar itself as an option, would save a trip to the menu item to pop open the calendar.

Posted by deleted at 12:16pm on 03 Apr 2007

Okay, that seems reasonable. I'll add that as a format option.

Posted by Nick at 12:44pm on 03 Apr 2007

thanks :) happy happy

Posted by dirtymouse at 1:08pm on 03 Apr 2007

Always happy to oblige :-)

For future reference, entering "deleted" as your email address doesn't work, since there's no way (apart from guesswork) for me to tell which email address you want me to delete. The correct procedure is to reply to the notification email with some indication that you would like to be removed.

If you don't want to receive notification emails, I suggest not entering your email in the first place (it's not compulsory). But if you would like me to remove it, I'll happily do so.

Posted by Nick at 1:11pm on 03 Apr 2007

This was added in the latest release. You can now use "WW" or "W" in the date format.

I'm not supposed to put new features in "r" releases though, only bug fixes, so shhh... don't tell anyone ;-)

Posted by Nick at 12:28am on 04 Apr 2007

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