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Shades to Turn Off Backlight on iMac 24"

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I log in to my work machine from home and since there is currently no way to turn off the display, all of my co-workers in the office see my display magically moving the mouse around and opening and closing windows from remote.

If Shades could simply control the backlight of the display and turn it off, I would gladly pay for this application... We know Apple software can control the backlight and power saving preferences can control it, is there any way your software could do the same task?

I sure wish Apple had simply made the backlight behave like it does on their laptops... allowing it to be turned down far enough to turn the backlight completely off.

Thank you and look forward to finding a solution for this!

--Dan Dawson

Submitted by Dan Dawson at 06:44am on 18 Apr 2009


Nevermind this request, please delete it...

I just did some testing and it will work as I needed it to, a donation is on it's way to you!

Full backlight control would be awesome, but the black screen when I remote log in is enough to do what I needed. Thanks so much!

Posted by Dan Dawson at 07:00am on 18 Apr 2009


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