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date first, then time, please!

  • Type: Incorrect Functionality
  • Version Tested: 1.1 (Universal)
  • OS Version Affected: Mac OS X 10.4 PPC
  • Status: Closed


magical is great,

the reason i use this app is so that i can display the date in the menubar. plain and simple. but magical has a few problems in its most basic operation... i cant customize the order in which it displays the date and time info.

1) magical does not support command-drag to reorder. this should be standard stuff.

2) there is a bug in the "date first, then time" preference in which it reverts to the opposite "time first, then date" upon startup, and is only corrected when the magical preferences are opened and then closed.

if these two problems are corrected, magical would be perfect for me

Submitted at 5:49pm on 17 Mar 2008


Um... MagiCal *does* support command-drag to reorder. You cannot interleave the time and date components wit other menu icons, but you can drag any MagiCal part to either the left or right of the menu items, and you can change their order the same way.

The "Date first then time" option applies only to the tooltip (the yellow text box that appears when your move your mouse over the menu icon/text). I seems to work correctly for me, but has no effect on the menu display.

Posted by Nick at 10:04pm on 17 Mar 2008

thanks nick,
yeah, i know you can cmd+drag it either left or right, but since i couldnt figure out how do display the date left of the time, i wanted to use the OS time, and then drag magical one position to the left of it.... however, i figured out that it was a bad prefrence file causing erratic ordering, and after trashing it, magical works great. i also found that the \'date first then time\' does in fact apply to the menu display, not just the tooltip.

bottom line... bug in the preference file.

Posted by ak47 at 7:19pm on 21 Mar 2008

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