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Cursor probllems with non Apple applications on the iMac

  • Type: Incorrect Functionality
  • Version Tested: 1.2b1 (Universal)
  • OS Version Affected: Mac OS X 10.5 Intel
  • Status: Verified


When you are using shades the cursor in non Apple applications, when moved over the Adress field in Firefox oder the Text written in Word, appears in bright white like the lamp of the iMac shines through it.
It looks as if the monitor is kind of not working proberly but if one tries it with apple applications this bug doesn't appear (for example Safari and Pages)

Submitted at 4:59pm on 30 Nov 2007


Curious. This seems to be a bug in Mac OS itself.

From what I can tell the issue only affects text fields in Carbon (as opposed to Cocoa) applications.

Certainly not all 3rd party apps are affected, but older software and programs that have been ported from Windows (Word, Firefox, Photoshop, etc.) tend to be written in Carbon, so they will all display this issue.

Posted by Nick at 8:46pm on 06 Dec 2007

Even more amusing:

If you put firefox 2.0.11 on main monitor (undimmed) and move mouse over a text-field, all is ok, because undimmed.

But then if you very quickly move that cursor to external monitor (dimmed) then you will have that effect over any application... Like if the special mouse cursors would be ignoring the local clut for rendering through the graphics card ?

Posted by Beat at 10:48pm on 08 Dec 2007

Actually, this occurs anywhere there is text in non-Apple apps, e.g. Firefox or anywhere in the Apple Finder, e.g. changing the name of a file, or in text clippings, e.g., drag text from a browser onto the DeskTop, then open it; the I-beam is very bright.

It is affected by the level of brightness. In fact, if the brightness is set just right, you can actually lose the I-beam cursor because the brightness matches the background

Posted at 12:55am on 31 Jan 2008

One thing I just noticed, if using the built in Zoom feature, the problem disappears, even with the least amount of zoom-in. You get a regular black I-beam cursor.

Zoom out completely and the I-beam glows again.

Posted at 01:09am on 31 Jan 2008

P.S. I am using OS X 10.4.11

Posted at 01:10am on 31 Jan 2008

It seems that the problem ist no longer appearing with Version 1.2b2 running under OS. 10.5.4. - Firefox 3 and Office:mac 2004. Hope it will last.

Posted by Simon at 12:26pm on 10 Aug 2008

Ok sorry pals but the problem still occurs in Office:mac 2004. I'm not really sure but I seems to me that the problem was away and reappeared after I installed the latest Office update. :(

Posted by Simon at 11:23am on 14 Aug 2008

I have the same problem. When the Shades brightness is set to 50%, in some applications the I-beam cursor is almost invisible (and when the brightness is near 50% the I-beam cursor is hard to see). Unfortunately, 50% is right around where I want the brightness.

It seems to affect only Carbon applications (AppleWorks, iTunes, Finder, Excel 2004).

As a previous poster noted, the cursor becomes normal as soon as you zoom in (control-scroll-wheel, or option-cmd-equals) even a tiny bit. Interesting, but not a good solution.

This has been really frustrating me for several months-- I could not figure out what was causing it until today.

I have OSX 10.5.4 on an iMac, Shades 1.2b2.

Other than this problem I love Shades! Even at minimum brightness, the iMac (24-inch early 2008) is way too bright. Shades makes it much better.

Posted by Evan Romer at 07:05am on 19 Aug 2008


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