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Seamless brightness range for models with built-in brightness controls

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This is a very usful app -- you've improved my experience on the new 24" iMac (aluminum) significantly. Thank you!

One thing that would make it easier to use would be to have just one "brightness" control that controlled both the Shade-style masking as well as the system brightness. As long as the display brightness was above minimum, Shade would be inactive. When you hit the minimum brightness level and try to go lower, Shade would activate and provide the brightness reduction you're after.

Apple could easily do something like that to extend the brightness range on devices with limited adjustibility (similar to some digitcal cameras that switch into "digital zoom" mode if you try to zoom passed their native range).

Submitted by Michael at 06:36am on 30 Aug 2007


I'll look inot this - you're right that it would eba great feature, but I'm not sure how easy it will be to integrate with Apple's controls.

Posted by Nick at 09:46am on 31 Aug 2007

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