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Mouse pointer fade?

  • Status: Partially Implemented in version 1.2b1


Is it possible to have the mouse pointer fade when screen is at lowest setting?

Submitted by warren at 5:18pm on 20 Oct 2007


The new version of Shades will change the way that this works.

Posted by Nick at 1:34pm on 24 Oct 2007

The cursor is no longer displayed at full brightness in Shades 1.2b1.

Posted by Nick at 11:58pm on 21 Nov 2007

Call me crazy, but I wanted the mouse brighter so I can find it. Could dimming the mouse be optional?

Posted by Corey at 12:37pm on 19 Dec 2010

Please make dimming of cursor optional. The cursor disappears in text-edit application AlphaX. Thanks.

Posted at 11:46am on 06 Jan 2011

I think an optional small round of brightness under the cursor would help to see what you are clicking. Thanks

Posted by Simone at 08:49am on 18 Jun 2014


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