Shades Bug Report

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Problem while using Spaces

  • Type: Incorrect Functionality
  • Version Tested: 1.1.5r1 (Intel)
  • OS Version Affected: Mac OS X 10.5 Intel
  • Status: Fixed in version 1.2b1


I am beta testing Mac OS X 10.5 (9A559). When I switch to a different space and switch back to the original the shades stops passing focus to the underlying application.

I also could not select the drop downs in this bug report screen using Firefox 2.007. It worked fine with Safari

Submitted by Richard Crispin at 11:25am on 30 Sep 2007


The Spaces issue doesn't surprise me. I will try to get it fixed at some point, but currently Shades has no official Leopard support. The next release aught to sort this out anyway as it works a bit differently wrt overlays.

Not sure why the site should fail for you under Firefox - I'm using the same version without issue.

Posted by Nick at 07:56am on 17 Oct 2007

I just moved over from Brightness Control (after reading about it on The Mac Observer), and I find Shades better in most every way. Spaces is going to be my favorite Leopard feature though, so I\'m really looking forward to the Leopard support. I just read this bug report again, and realize I don\'t see the same problem. I only see the Shaded effect when I\'m on Space #1. All the rest are full brightness, but I am able to use applications on the other spaces fine -- no problem with passing focus to applications. Anyway -- thanks for a great utility! It\'s the first thing I installed after I installed Leopard.

Posted by slothbear at 10:22pm on 26 Oct 2007

I rely on Shades on my new imac -- The screen is just way too bright even at the lowest setting. I've been trying to get Shades to work with Spaces since installing Leopard and it definitely only works in the first Space, even though I have the application set to operate in each space in Spaces Preferences. The Shades icon appears in the status bar in each space, but the slider has no effect in any Space other than the first. Also, if I try to adjust Shades in any other Space other than the first, all windows in the first Space stop responding. I have to switch to another Space to quit Shades, then re-open Shades in the first Space to get the windows to respond to the mouse again.
Please fix this ASAP. Thank you!

Posted by kyle bowen at 11:25am on 27 Oct 2007

Don't worry guys, Leopard support is on the way. Should have a beta out within a week.

Posted by Nick at 1:21pm on 27 Oct 2007

Nick--thanks a lot for this App. I've used it since I got a new imac and just noticed that it does not work with Spaces on leopard. Glad to hear about the upcoming support.

Posted by CM at 01:04am on 29 Oct 2007

I've got some troubles with shades and spaces but I found a fix : I've enabled shades for every spaces. It works perfectly well now.
Thanks a lot for this great app.

Posted by Vladrow at 1:03pm on 31 Oct 2007

Shades 1.2b1 now works comfortably with Spaces on Leopard.

Posted by Nick at 11:55pm on 21 Nov 2007

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