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Please allow to disable Shades activating on startup

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Every time I use Shades, it adds itself to the list of applications that start automaticallt with the Mac. That's annoying and invasive. Please include a chechk box to expressly authorize Shades to strat automatically

Submitted by Gwy at 07:27am on 14 Dec 2014


I agree with this request. It is so annoying that it always adds itself to the programs that load on start up, even if it is specifically removed (which I have done over and over). It is a very useful program other than that. Thanks.

Posted by ronald at 11:06am on 03 Jan 2015

I would agree that this is a good feature, but I would also like to add that Shades does not successfully start at all for me at start up. Instead, it keeps adding itself unsuccessfully to the login items, adding another instance of itself each startup to those items I'm using a Mac Mini (Late 2012) running 10.12.3. I can manually start it though, it's just a little annoying.

Apart from that, I love this app, it's the only thing I've found that lets me adjust the brightness on non Apple monitors.

Posted by Daniel at 7:46pm on 27 Mar 2017


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