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  • Status: Already Implemented in version 1.0


1) Option to NOT display in icon/control in the menu bar at top right of screen.
2) Option to NOT display dim slider on top of screen.

Consider possibly a dock icon w/the slider controls built in. I can't afford the screen real estate for a menu icon or for the slider to be always present.

*) Form is insisting on the version of Shades. I go to the Shades control panel AND ... no version number. Update tells me I'm up-to-date, but no version to provide.
**) OH! this is driving me crazy... I am being told I have to have the LATEST version installed to submit? This is overkill, honestly, especially when you are displaying such a LONG list of versions.

(possible glitch btw - showing bright flashes (lines) in the screen)

Submitted at 6:15pm on 30 Sep 2009


1, 2) - both of these options are already available. When Shades is running, go to the 3rd tab (usually called something like Color LCD) and you will find two dropdowns that control the visibility of both the menu bar icon and onscreen slider control

*) - sorry about that, Shades has to be be running before the version number is displayed (it appears in the System Preferences panel).

**) - the version should be filled in automatically if you click the report link within the preferences panel. I implemented the latest version requirement because I kept getting feature requests or bug reports from people who weren't running the latest version.

If you are seeing bright flashes, check you don't have multiple versions of Shades running. You can use the Activity Monitor app to check for running Shades instances and kill them.

Posted by Nick at 9:38pm on 30 Sep 2009

Awesome... perfect. Now I'm loving Shades!

Flashes still happen - only one instance of Shades running. I'm running Isolator with Shades... maybe the combination causes the flashing?

There might have been a bug in an older version doing the following:
- Update button would read that I was already updated w/the latest software (but I wasn't). Shades was running.
- Manual update now shows the version number and the LCD tab

Posted at 01:35am on 01 Oct 2009

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