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Individual adjustment in Mirror Mode

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I have a an iMac with a LCD TV connected in mirror mode. I was ondering if it would be possible to have individual shade adjustment for the imac and tv? This feature does work in an extended desktop but not in mirror mode. That way I can essentially turn off the internal imac monitor.

Submitted at 03:33am on 30 Dec 2007


I would also find this "Individual adjustment in Mirror Mode" feature extremely useful. I presently use eyeTV as a hard disk recorder, with a mini-DV to HDMI cable connected to my TV to watch it. The ONLY problem with this setup is that it requires mirroring of the displays ('extended' causes too many logistical problems to be viable), and for mirroring to work the iMac screen can not be put to sleep. This is driving my girlfriend nuts. She, in turn, is driving me nuts. This feature would be a solution, and would be muchly appreciated!

Posted by Ces at 5:25pm on 10 Feb 2008

This feature would be just great. Or at least it should dimm the internal display in mirror mode. I use my iMac in mirror mode with front row and a beamer to watch movies. Until now I have to put a blanket over the iMac... I would also very much appreciate this feature.

Posted by Nicolas at 6:14pm on 15 Feb 2008

Please make it happen and I will donate!!! Thank you very much.

Posted by Franz at 8:00pm on 09 Jun 2008


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