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Congratulations on this simple software
Could you add an alarm?

Submitted by macuser88 at 2:42pm on 26 Mar 2007


I've converted this report to a feature request, as it's not really a crashing bug :-)

In principle I could add an alarm, but how would you anticipate this working? Is it a daily alarm that you are after, or an alarm linked to the calendar? Why would it be better to have MagiCal manage this rather than iCal?

If you can elaborate a bit on exactly how you would use this feature then I can think about how it might best be implemented.

Posted by Nick at 3:45pm on 26 Mar 2007

Thank you Nick for the promptly response. I was thinking in a daily alarm in the bottom of the calendar. Just some space to introduce a word as subject/Task, and another one to indicate the time for the alarm. (i.e. "daughter; 13:15" ). I think people will use more the program if you implement a simple alarm or a reminder. Once the alarm sounds, a small flashing window (about same size as the calendar) can appear at the top with the key word and time. That is the idea . I will more confortable with this alarm/remainder for a call, or just to remember that i have to go to supermarker before to get home.
Congratulations again on this software
Fernando (Spain)

Posted by macuser88 at 09:46am on 28 Mar 2007

I'd like a daily alarm with text to speech (a la Date & Time's "Announce the time.") Then at 4:30 every afternoon, my Mac would tell me to stop working and go home.

Posted by Jeff Phillips at 9:11pm on 01 Apr 2008


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