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time zone addition

  • Status: Open


Nice replacement for OS X include clock, but lacks the possibility of changing the system default time zone.
Hope you consider adding a feature so the user can set a different time zone from the one set at System Preferences Date & Time

Submitted at 1:28pm on 18 Oct 2007


adding this would allow multi-timezone support, which no other product does now on the status bar.. very useful for international travelers.

Posted at 11:38pm on 05 Nov 2007

I travel allot and it would be great to be able to set the time for Magical to something different the default system time. That way I could have two clocks, one for home and one for where I am.

Posted by Travelling guy at 6:15pm on 02 Aug 2008

Hi there,

I want to do international calling and am trying to add an extra menubar clock to allow display of different time zone in menubar. That would be a great feature.

Posted by Ruben Anderson at 9:42pm on 23 Sep 2008


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