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Make Skinable

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Make your wonderful program able to to use other skins that can be downloaded for the calender.

Submitted at 8:30pm on 03 Apr 2007


Actually this is already in the works! The next release is going to use Webkit to render the calendar (like a dashboard widget), with a view to making the whole calendar skinnable for those with a decent knowledge of CSS.

Downloadable skins probably won't make it into the next release, but it will be possible to create your own designs if you're prepared to do a bit of hacking.

Posted by Nick at 9:45pm on 03 Apr 2007

Although there is no official support for this as yet, the 1.1 alpha releases of MagiCal use html and css to render the calendar, and the design can be modified by editing the files in the application package. No programming knowledge is required.

Posted by Nick at 11:28pm on 20 Apr 2007

The ability to alter/change the apperance of the calander, i.e. change colours, transpancey, etc.

Posted by Hector Samuel at 11:24am on 04 May 2007

Unfortunately I had to remove this functionality from the 1.1 release due to technical issues with webkit, but it will certainly be added at some point.

Posted by Nick at 12:32am on 16 Sep 2007

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