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Link with iCal

  • Status: Already Implemented in version 1.1a1


A really great feature would be to link with iCal and open that date in iCal when you double click on a date in the tear off calendar of MagiCal.

Submitted by Sara Caples at 1:29pm on 02 Sep 2007


That's already the case (except that you only have to single-click the date)

Posted by Nick at 1:31pm on 02 Sep 2007

When I click on a calendar date, iCal opens up to a daily notes page, BUT iCAL OPENS TO THE WRONG DATE! If I click on November 8, for example, in MagiCal, it links to the daily notes page in iCal for November 9. This makes your program unusable for me. Is this a bug in your MagiCal program, or do I have some setting on my computer messed up? I am using Mac OSX 10.3.9 on an iBook/800MHz, with the version of iCal that comes with the Mac OSX installer. Please email me back with any info or suggestions. Thanks, Robert

Posted by Robert at 2:23pm on 06 Nov 2007

Hi Robert,

I cannot reproduce this issue on my test machine - clicking November 8 works as expected.

Please send me copy of your Library/Preferences/com.charcoaldesign.shades.plist file (reply to the notification email) and I'll test if it's something to do with your MagiCal settings.

Posted by Nick at 6:46pm on 06 Nov 2007

One other thing. What time of day was it when you tried it? Does it work at some times and not others?

Posted by Nick at 6:46pm on 06 Nov 2007


It would be great if a click on a week number, open iCal in Week modeâ¦

Posted by Dominique at 09:00am on 31 Mar 2008

not just a link, but to have a sync with iCal so it does something like shades the day so you actually know when there is an event. that would get me to use it a lot more because i use my computer every day but i never use iCal.

Posted by bbbben at 7:41pm on 01 Apr 2008

When I click to open iCal, it always goes to the day view on monitor #1. I normally keep iCal in month view on monitor #2. Is there a way I can have it just go to iCal and not change where and how it is displayed?

Posted by Michael at 3:23pm on 03 Apr 2008

I was able to reproduce the wrong date problem. I originally installed the Universal app on my G5, because that's what had for download (so I assumed it was the only version). It worked fine. I just replaced it with the PPC version and now when I click on April 4, iCal opens to April 5. I have NOT restarted since installing the new version, but I thought I would post my findings anyway.

Posted by Michael at 03:40am on 04 Apr 2008

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