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Provide option/preference to change starting WW

  • Status: Partially Implemented in version 1.1a10


I really like that the mini calendar shows the calendar work-week (WW) for each week. However, at the company I work for, our fiscal work-weeks are shifted from normal calendar work-week values. So I can't use the WW column directly (have to add weeks to adjust it). Could you provide an option in the preferences to allow a certain number of WW's to shift the starting WW from the calendar WW so I could then make the WW column display the fiscal WW values instead?

In addition, it would be really nice to have the ability to show the calendar WW and fiscal WW columns at the same time in the calendar view, but not necessary. Or an way to easily toggle between them in the view.


Submitted by Robert Shaw at 4:29pm on 06 Jun 2007


It is now possible to specify a starting month for the calendar week count, as well as a choice of algorithms to determine what should be counted as the first week (does it have to be the first whole week, or does a partial week count, etc).


That is great news! I've tried it out, and it works perfectly! Thanks for the greate support and quick turnaround on adding the feature!

Posted by Robert Shaw at 5:50pm on 22 Jun 2007

Heh, that was actually slow by my usual standards, but I'm glad that you're happy ;-)

Posted by Nick at 6:05pm on 22 Jun 2007


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