Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install/un-install Pandora's Pests?
On the Mac, simply drag the Pandora's Pests program into your Applications folder to install it. To remove it again, drag it from your Applications folder into the Trash. On Windows, run the installer program and follow the onscreen prompts.
Is Pandora's Pests available for Windows?
Yes, Pandora's Pests is available for both Macintosh and Windows.
Will there be a version of Pandora's Pests for Linux?
No Linux version is planned at this time, however this will depend largely on whether the RBGL framework can be successfully ported to Linux, which is something that we are currently investigating.
Does Pandora's Pests run natively on Intel Macintoshes?
Yes, Pandora's Pests is packaged as a Universal Binary, and runs on both Intel and PowerPC Macintoshes.
I found a bug, what should I do?
If you find a bug in Pandora's Pests, please report it to Koingo Software support.
I've got a great idea for a feature, how can I let you know about it?
Feature requests for Pandora's Pests should be sent to Koingo Software support.
Where can I find help with Pandora's Pests?
For help with Pandora's Pests, please contact Koingo Software support.
Who are Koingo Software, and how do they relate to Pandora's Pests?
Koingo Software is an independent software publisher and developer, specialising in games and utilities for Mac OS, Windows and iPhone. Pandora's Pests was the result of a collaboration between Charcoal Design and Koingo, and we hope to work with them on other exciting projects in the future.
What are REALbasic and RBGL?
REALbasic is a cross-platform software development suite that provides a rich basis for the creation of software for Macintosh, Windows and Linux. RBGL is an open source graphics API developed by Charcoal Design for use with REALbasic.

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