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IMVU Avatar

Posted at 4:10pm on 08 Nov 2007

The March of the Avatars


Gives some credibility to the prediction by Gartner Consulting that by 2011, 80% of active Internet users will have an avatar.

Okay, try to set aside the idea of Gartner having credibility for a moment. If 80% of people will have an avatar, does that extend to brands as well?

I have a sudden mental image of a virtual Ronald McDonald getting cornered in a dark alley in Second life and having the shit kicked out of him by the Burger King mascot.


Posted at 1:29pm on 08 Nov 2007

Domino village

New Guinness advert - Domino village

I thought it was a bit disappointing to be honest. I much preferred the Honda ad, which was filmed as a single shot.

The Guinness one just seems to be a collection of loosely related sequences - it doesn't even appear as if there is any attempt at continuity.

It also completely spoils the message - "Good things come to those who wait... but we couldn't be bothered to wait so we'll just cut to the final scene".