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Posted at 4:52pm on 14 Dec 2007




Who'd have imagined that leaving wii on your carpet would be a health hazard?

Windows logo

Posted at 4:48pm on 14 Dec 2007

Fun with Windows

Here's some fun things that you can (or rather can't) do in Windows:

Try creating a folder called "con". Try it, anywhere on your desktop or inside any folder. You can't. Same goes for any of the following:

prn, aux, nul, com1, com2, com3, ... com9, lpt1

You can't make a folder with any of these names. Think that's strange? Try this:

Create a new text file and type "this app can break" in it without the quotes or any leading/trailing space.

Now open the file in Notepad (if you created it in Notepad, close it then open it again).

Weird huh?