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Posted at 7:08pm on 19 Apr 2008


Paypal is apparently planning to ban web browsers which don't provide anti-phishing features.

Since phishing typically takes the form of a site pretending to be Paypal to get user's details, wouldn't they somehow need to persuade the phishing sites to block these browsers?

Otherwise they'll end up with the ridiculous situation that the only Paypal branded sites that some users can visit on their browser will be phishing sites.


Posted at 8:45am on 19 Apr 2008

The Videogame at the End of the Universe

A fascinating account of the aborted development of Milliways, the sequel to the Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy adventure game. The best bits are the design documents, written by game designers who were evidently geniuses, but quite possibly insane:

On Magrathea is a crater left by the impact of the whale. (You don't remember the whale? Then you'll be even more confused by the petunias...)

Even more incredible is the tale of how the author came by this information - he's somehow gotten a hold of a complete backup of Infocom's company network drive circa 1989, including all the company emails, financial documents and source code for all their games.