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Posted at 10:10am on 23 Apr 2008

Chip Shop

In a surprise move, Apple has just purchased P.A. Semi, a microprocessor design company.

It's unclear how Intel are going to take this news - after cozying up to Intel for the past year or so, Apple's sudden decision to see other people is unlikely to go down well.


Posted at 10:05am on 23 Apr 2008

Grand Theft Google

Nice little flash game where you drive around a Google map: googleDrive.

Reminiscent of the the old top-down GTA games (minus the cop-killing and exploding cars).

Bill Gates as a Borg

Posted at 1:01am on 23 Apr 2008

Microsoft Drops Support for MSN Music

Microsoft once again demonstrates its commitment to its valued media customers by ditching support for the MSN Music DRM service. This basically means that anyone who bought tracks on MSN will not be able to play them on any future PCs they purchase.

The message here in case anyone missed it is do not buy media protected by DRM unless you have a clear path for removing it, or you don't mind losing the ability to play it at some unspecified time in the future.

If that's too complex, don't buy any media from Microsoft is probably a good rule of thumb.