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Posted at 5:51pm on 29 Apr 2008


Incredible new animation system that combines artificial intelligence with physics simulation to create lifelike character movement without the need for motion capture.

This is really impressive. The characters dodge projectiles and grab ledges to save themselves from falling. Check out some of the videos of Euphoria in action in LucasArts' upcoming games.

99 designs icon

Posted at 10:51am on 29 Apr 2008

99 Monkeys on 99 Typewriters...

The evolution of the stackoverflow.com site is an interesting example of "branding 2.0".

After selecting a name for the site by polling the developer community, they have now enlisted the help of 99designs to come up with a logo (my money's on #141).

Normally I'm not a fan of the community design paradigm - it's too similar to design-by-comittee, and we all know that never works. But the 99designs approach avoids this issue because whilst the designs are submitted by the public, the voting is entirely controlled by the person or persons who intitiated the competition.

Looking at the quality of the submissions, I think this has got to be the future of branding. A company could easily pay $500,000 to an agency and get a worse design than some of the ones here. Jeff and Joel are stumping up a mere $512 for the winner, and get hundreds of choices.