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Posted at 3:26pm on 20 May 2008

WiiWare Hits Europe

Good news for indie game programmers and Wii owners alike, WiiWare is now available in europe.

the new WiiWare system enables videogame developers - no matter how big or small - to create exciting new downloadable games for the Nintendo Wii console.

Posted at 1:08pm on 20 May 2008


At a summit protesting the Putin administration, chess grandmaster and guest speaker Gary Kasparov was interupted by a flying penis.

It was noted that the incident, known in the VR world as griefing, was similar to an attack launched on a CNET interview hosted in Second Life in 2006.


Posted at 10:43am on 20 May 2008

This Will Make You Feel Better

It turns out that celebrities have wrinkles too:

Room Post Production reel

Who knew?

Seriously though, it's quite eye opening. Everyone knows that celebrity photos are airbrushed (Photoshopped), but I'd always kind of assumed that it wasn't practical to do this for full-motion video. Seems I was wrong.