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Google Code

Posted at 11:49am on 28 May 2008

Google adds common JS libraries to CDN

Google has added a number of popular JavaScript libraries such as Mootools and jQuery to its CDN (Content Delivery Network).

These files can be loaded via the Google AJAX API, or directly by including the URL in a web page, e.g.


The advantages of this over using a local copy for each site are obvious: Not only do you save bandwidth by not hosting the files yourself, but files on the Google CDN are edge cached, meaning site visitors will experience much quicker downloads. Also, if they visit multiple sites that use the same library then they will benefit from browser caching as the files will be shared.

Micro$oft OOXML

Posted at 11:01am on 28 May 2008

Africa objects

South Africa have launched an objection against the ratification of the OOXML standard.

We've written a number of times about the travesty that is OOXML, and whilst it comes from an unexpected quarter, South Africa's sudden outbreak of common sense is a welcome one.


Posted at 9:58am on 28 May 2008


From the department of cool, but what's the point? comes DimP, a system that allows you to fast forward or rewind video by dragging any moving objects that appear in the frame.